It was a rainy morning..

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DSC06722DSC06724DSC06726(H&M klobuk in čevlji; Oviesse jeans; Pelle Pelle polo majica; vintage srajca; Adidas torbica) (H&M hat and shoes; Oviess jeans; Pelle Pelle polo shirt; vintage blue shirt; Adidas bag) Počutila sem se, kot da bom veliko napisala tu, a ne čutim več tako. Zato vam samo povem, da tale Pelle Pellle majica ni moja, Juretova je, saj veste, da si ne lastim  nobenega dragega oblačila. Fotke pa so bile narejene po ledeni kavi, ki sva si jo privoščila z Juretom. I felt like I’m going to write a lot there, but I don’t feel like that anymore, so I’m just telling you, that this Pelle Pelle shirt is not mine, it’s from Jure, you know that I don’t own almost any expensive thing. And pics were taken after having an ice coffee with Jure. 


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