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Larisa Larisa, 26. Super prijateljica. Po svetu hodi z naravno kodrastimi lasmi na glavi in vintage ter secondhand oblačili na telesu. Ima srce in oko za lepoto, zato pa dela takšne čudovite fotke! Poglejte si ta in ta album. Na žalost nima fotoaparata… ampak zna pa delat čudeže s svojim mobitelom. Fotografirala sem jo prejšnji četrtek v njenem stanovanju. * * * Larisa, 26. Great friend. She walks around with her naturaly curled hair on her head and with vintage and secondhand clothes on her body. She has a heart and the eye for beauty, that’s why she takes such amazing pictures! Check this album and this one. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a camera… but she makes miracles with her mobile phone. All pictures taken by me in her apartment last Thursday. 047.


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