The last day of my teenage years.

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DSC05389 DSC05398 DSC05406 DSC05411 (Jopa vintage; srajca Kilimanjaro; klobuk H&M; jeans Passiontex; čevlji Ali Star; verižica dar od Lushae Jewelry) (Vintage cardigan; Kilimanjaro shirt; H&M hat; Passiontex jeans; Ali Star shoes; gifted Lushae Jewelry necklace) Če se morda spomnite, tukaj sem naredila eno malo recenzijo za Lushae Jewelry. In zato sem si lahko izbrala en izdelek iz njihove strani. Izbrala sem tole verižico in moram reči, da zgleda še bolje kot na sliki. If you remember, I made a little rewiew for Lushae Jewelry here. And that’s why I could choose one item from their page for free. I chose this necklace and I must say that it looks even more beautiful than in the picture! DSC05370 DSC05439 In ja, želim vam povedati, da je danes zadnji dan mojih najstniških let. V dvajsetih bom pogumna! Oh, I want to tell you, that today is my last day of teenage years. In twenties I’ll be brave!   ~ He who is brave is free ~ (Seneca)


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