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Monday and Wednesday

DSC00989DSC00999DSC01001    (Vintage tee, Zara dress, bag and bracelets on the left H&M, Pull&Bear shoes, earrings from stand beside river Ljubljanica in our capital Ljubljana, bracelet with small balls is friend’s gift) DSC01064 DSC01068DSC01077DSC01092    (Vintage tee, C&A skirt, old shoes from Humanic, Oviesse bag, The Miss sunglasess, acorn necklace is friend’s gift)

I found that sailor shirt in the box with old clothes. Isn’t it adorable? Joss Stone and d’n’b party tomorrow, yuupi! Have a beautiful weekend people!

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. tale črno beli outfit je noro dober!!
    lepo se mej jutri,uživaj še zame;)

  2. Lovely outfits, darling!
    You have some wonderful shoes!


  3. aww you look adorable with that sailor tee!
    what a lucky find!

  4. N. N.

    Lepo pozdravi Joss 🙂

  5. Ja, samo to si želim, da se moj dragi dokončno odloči, da grema, ker ma zdaj neke pomisleke glede dolge noči. Ah, ti fantje 😀

  6. darling both looks ARE CHARMING!
    love your quirky quaintness

  7. very cute! i loved the cherry patterned flats:)

    xx raez

  8. anita! zelo fajni autfiti.. še vedno rada prebiram tvoj blog! kr tk naprej.. 🙂

    love, lara 😀

  9. hey Beba! tks for visiting!
    love the sailor dress, loving anything with stripes right now…


  10. your first outfit is so girly! i love jumpers, and that green suits you very well!

    the second outfit is my favorite! i love the nautical stripes!

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