Morning Glory

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2 ali 3 tedne nazaj. Čas leti. In jaz sem prva, ki sem to ugotovila 😉

2 or 3 weeks ago. Time flies. I’m the first one who discovered this 😉

LSFbyAnita 1934LSFbyAnita 1944LSFbyAnita 1932 LSFbyAnita 1945LSFbyAnita 1930LSFbyAnita 1952LSFbyAnita 1933  (Vintage obleka; blazer iz druge roke; Polzela hlačne nogavice; Deihmann čevlji) (Vintage dress; secondhand blazer; Polzela tights; Deihmann shoes)
LSFbyAnita 1959LSFbyAnita 1935LSFbyAnita 1966LSFbyAnita 1937LSFbyAnita 1941

LSFbyAnita 1967


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