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(Tally Weijl pullover; Stradivarius coat; Josh’ Bag scarf; H&M narrow scarf; Oviesse jeans; no name hat; Cube shoes)

DSC02350 DSC02352DSC02349DSC02355

(Vintage blouse; Zara pullover; Pull&Bear scarf; H&M hat; Oviesse jeans; Stradivarius coat; Graceland shoes)

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. haha, you are so cute! like a little smurf, but way more fashionable!

    xx raez

  2. well.,.beba love ur so many colors style :))
    love ur sweet hat,adorable coat and fab nike shoes <3333

  3. Anonymous Anonymous


  4. Your blue coat is fantastic! I love your colourful styles and your Nikes are awesome.

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