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Pag 2010 IX.

DSC08304 DSC08310DSC08314 DSC08320 DSC08330 (Juretova Converse majica; Tally Weijl pas; Fishbone kratke hlače; H&M torbica in nogavice; Ali Star čevlji) (Jure’s Converse T-shirt; Tally Weijl belt; Fishbone shorts; H&M bag and socks; Ali Star shoes) DSC08323 DSC08347 DSC08379 DSC08383 (H&M majica, čevlji, nogavice in torbica; krilo vintage) (H&M tee; shoes, socks and bag) DSC08389 DSC08392 Sedaj grem delat pecivo. Jure mi bo pomagal (: I’m going to make some pastry now. Jure will help me (:

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. prva slikca je prelepa!! :)) so aloe ne?
    in zelo mi je ušeč outfit z zeleno majico, tako grungie in luštno… :))

  2. How beautiful! This place is amazing. And your second outfit is gorgeous :)I like your polka dot skirt.

  3. hvala!

    hude fotke z morja, kok pogrešam poletje 🙁

  4. i freaking love your hair.
    i've considered DYING my hair red. but how unnatural that would look….
    red heads probably have more fun….
    cute blog!

    if you have the time visit our new blog!

  5. 3 slika oz outfit z zeleno majico je res kul:-)

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