Pag 2010 V.

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DSC07946DSC07956 Nekaj norih fotk od Jureta. Vedno želim narediti par lepih fotografij od njega, ampak je malo nor in mora to izražat, tako da začne z bolanimi ksihti, jaz postanem jezna, ampak začne še s smešnimi gibi in skakanjem naokrog, in jaz umiram od smeha, ker je tako fucking smešen. Moram ga ljubit. Some crazy shots of Jure. I always want to take some nice pictures of him, but he is a little crazy and he gotta express it, so he starts making silly faces and I get a little angry, but he starts with funny moves, and with jumping around and I’m dieing of laugh because he’s so fucking funny. Gotta love him. DSC07966DSC07970DSC07973DSC07976 DSC07975 DSC07978DSC07983 DSC07979 DSC07986 (H&M obleka, čevlji in torbica; vintage srajca; Takko roža; Oviesse nadkolenke nošene kot dokolenke; Pull&Bear pas) (H&M dress, shoes and bag; vintage shirt; Takko flower; Oviess overknees worn as underknees; Pull&Bear belt) Zabavajte se! Have fun!


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