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Original:intheair Na spodnji fotki lahko vidite, kako jo je preuredil Endi, nov mož v naši vasi. No, morda ne tako nov, saj že približno eno leto živi tukaj s svojo punco in njunim sinčkom (: The picture bellow is edited by Endi, the new man in our village. Or maybe not so new as he lives here for about a year with his girlfriend and their little son (:314074_204338216296642_100001613969008_535658_364dghdfjdf962_n Dobro mu gre, kaj? | | Good job, ain’t? *** Rada bi se zahvalila vsem novim spremljevalcem! Vesela sem vaše odločitve, da je moj blog vreden vašega časa! Pravtako hvala vsem starim spremljevalcem, da ste z mano na zabavnem potovanju skozi življenje in stil! Najboljši ste! <3 I would also like to say thanks to all new followers! I’m happy you decided that my blog is worth of your time! Also, big thanks to old followers too, thank you for being with me on fun yourney throug life and style! You’re the best! <3


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