Pivo & cvetje 2011

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Z Juretom sva bila v petek na Pivo&Cvetje v Laškem. Bilo je noro in zabavno! Ampak pivo se mi pa ne zdi več prav nič privlačno, haha. * * * I and Jure were at that Slovenian beerfest called Pivo&Cvetje (Beer&Flowers) on Friday. It was crazy and fun! But beer doesn’t seem appealing to me anymore, haha. DSC04003DSC04002DSC04035DSC04011DSC04005(DIY verižica; H&M majica, pajkice in torbica; Graceland čevlji) (DIY necklace; H&M tee, leggings and bag; Graceland shoes)   P.S.: Blogu sem naredila facebook profil. Bom vesela vsakega lajka, hvala ;D :* * * * P.S.: I made a facebook profile of my blog. Each of your likes will make me happy, thanks ;D :*


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