“The river that flows in you also flows in me.” –Kabir

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Če bi vas kdo vprašal, ali ste pripravljeni narediti dobro delo, ki bo vam vzelo največ trideset sekund, par klikov z miško in nič denarja, bi ga naredili? If someone asked you, if you are ready to do something nice for someone and it will takes you less than 30 seconds, few clicks with a mouse and cost you no money, would you do it? DSC05467DSC05440DSC05469DSC05407DSC05411DSC05404DSC05413 Jaz sem ta nekdo, ki ga to zanima in ta nekdo, ki mu boste pomagali, če kliknete na gumb ‘všeč mi je’ na tej strani in še enkrat kliknete ‘všeč mi je’ pod mojo sliko na tej strani.  Hvala, hvala, hvala! I am the someone who’s asking you that and I am the someone you could help, if you click the ‘like’ button on that page and the ‘like’ button under my picture on that page. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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