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Tag: Enjoy and Recycle

2. Dvoriščna razprodaja na Ptuju | | 2nd secondhand sale in our town

These are pictures from the second secondhand sale in my co-organisation. In the house of Fürst in our little town of Ptuj (the oldest city in Slovenia, btw) That’s one of my favourite projects, currently! I said to one awesome gal, if we will make this. She was for it! And that’s now our thing. It’s great! I meet new people, I am forced to go out of my comfort zone and I do good for other people, nature and I also earn some money when I sell stuff that I no longer wear or use. It’s so awesome to…


How was I today and how was my January

So, finally I feel like writing again. I don’t know why I postpone it so much in these last few weeks. I wrote down on my to do list ‘Write a new post’ almost everyday! But then I got stucked in all other things I had to do or I was sick or kinda depressed. I kinda suffer from this lack of energy lately, but I’m sure I’ll be back on track very soon. After a long long sleep today (about 11 hours, shit), I figured out my first chakra needs some cleaning. So I’m listening to african drum sessions…


Finally ready for the public: 3 Ptice CD necklaces + A very special offer for my blog readers

Do you remeber, I talked about necklaces made of old CDs in this post? Btw, I’m still proud this idea has fallen into my mind a few years ago 😉 So, this week I finally managed to finish them and take pictures. Necklaces / halfs of CDs are handpainted by yours truly with colours for glass. The process of creating them was very intuitive. No sketches at all. Patterns came to my mind and I painted them. The same with colours. To be honest… I love, love them! The most fun thing about these necklaces is, that people always notice…