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Tag: How to sell on Etsy

Artists/Designers/Entrepreneurs: What to do when your sales aren’t going so well

1. Write a post where you are showing off your work and add some useful tip. (just like the post you are reading :D) 2. You already know your stuff is good, people are loving it and you sometimes have really good months in terms of sales. But then again comes a month, when nothing seems to happen’. No “notification of payment received” in your gmail… Remember, you are not the only one. Even your local drugdealer doesn’t sell the same amount of weed every month. It happens to almost all of us. Nothing is wrong with you. 3. Feel…


How to start selling on Etsy, if you live in Slovenia – set up a Paypal account| | Kako začeti s prodajo na Etsyju – ustvari si Paypal račun

Etsy is a global marketplace for handmade items, where you can get unique pieces from small independent designers from all over the globe (you can even get something from me;). But what if you wanna sell there? And what steps you have to take if you a foreigner living in Slovenia and you want to sell on Etsy? Etsy je spletna trgovina, kjer lahko kupiš unikatne kose od malih neodvisnih oblikovalcev in ustvarjalcev iz celega sveta (med njimi tudi od mene;). Kaj pa narediš, če želiš tam prodajati? In kakšni so prvi koraki? Ker je eden izmed pogojev za prodajo…