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Tag: Na ptujskih ulicah

Cool people wearing 3 Ptice: Eva, Maša, Dominika, Sanja & Lara

I don’t know. Maybe just every artist/crafter/designer thinks, that their customers are the best ones. I’m no exception here. I love those girls (mostly girls), who buy from me so freakin’ much. Can you imagine how amazing it is, when you make something you like, something you feel deeply and then you share this with people wondering “Will anyone get it?”. And then people pop up, people who feel the message as their own, who say “This is so me, I’ll take this!”. And they pay for my work and my ideas and they spread the message further. Just like…

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Stunning portraits of me, taken by professional photographer Boris B. Voglar

  Yes, total picture overload of my highness bellow! I just couldn’t help myself, I have to share all of those, because I look freaking stunning on them! And believe it or not, this a selection! Those pictures were taken back in June (or it was July?) by one freaking amazing photographer, Boris B. Voglar. This photoshoot was his gift for me for my Birthday (back in May). Totally unexpected, but I accepted it with a huge joy! So, the day of the shooting was quite interesting. At the same day he had a photoshooting with a famous slovenian comedian…


2. Dvoriščna razprodaja na Ptuju | | 2nd secondhand sale in our town

These are pictures from the second secondhand sale in my co-organisation. In the house of Fürst in our little town of Ptuj (the oldest city in Slovenia, btw) That’s one of my favourite projects, currently! I said to one awesome gal, if we will make this. She was for it! And that’s now our thing. It’s great! I meet new people, I am forced to go out of my comfort zone and I do good for other people, nature and I also earn some money when I sell stuff that I no longer wear or use. It’s so awesome to…


Cool People Wearing 3 Ptice: Maja B. with handpainted tree tote

This gorgeous girl with dreadlocks is Maja. She is wearing 3 Ptice tree tote bag (handpainted by me). I took these shots of her back in December on the streets of Ptuj (the oldest town in Slovenia, people!). Maja works in my favourite cafe in town. I don’t know what it is, but there is something really special about her. Maybe her natural beauty or wisdom in her eyes…Or the sense of the awareness shining from her… I don’t know about you, but when I see cool people I have never seen before I send the message to the Universe…


Streetstyle: Aleš

  Pozdravljeni! To je Aleš. Je en izmed tistih vedno zaposlenih osebkov, ki morajo imeti v rokah več projektov naenkrat. Toliko idej, tako malo časa. Kaj mi je najbolj všeč pri njem? Da ne glede na to, da so okoliščine in sistem v Sloveniji precej neprijazne do mladih, on ostaja tukaj, sprejema izziv in pošteno poprime za delo. En izmed njegovih zadnjih projektov je serija intervjujev z navdihujočimi vsakdanjimi ženskami. To je bil tudi razlog, da sva pred kakšnim tednom in pol šla na kavo. Z mano je naredil en takšen sproščen intervju. Počutim se počaščeno, da me šteje med…


On the streets of Ptuj…Nejc a.k.a. Sido

Tole je Nejc, prav tako znan kot Sido. Je Juretov prijatelj in je prijazen in zabaven fant. Zabavna je pa tudi njegova majica, a? This is Nejc also known as Sido. He is a friend of Jure and he is a kind and funny guy. The writing on his T-shirt says ‘With sport against drugs! By bike to Amsterdam’. Hah, funny shirt, ain’t it?

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School shit, zombie and hangman!

Hellow people! There are some pics of me from about…hmm, more than one week ago. Yes I need time to make a post. I don’t have it now, If I am honest…But girl need some time for her virtually life too. What you think? I mean, I earned it, because today I wrote a lot of shit about fashion through the centuries for school. It’s interesting, but I’m so damn slow, it takes so many time to find right pics at web etc. The point is: I HATE doing my school work. I like school because of classmates, because of…


On the streets of Ptuj…Aleš

  I decided to write in English too, but I’m not very good in English (yet :D), so I’ll be glad if you will correct my mistakes. You see my friend Aleš on pics. He is hairdresser, passionate reader , writer (he writes on typewriter :D), extraordinarily open and deep person, always full of energy, always in good mood and etc. and etc. He is one of those people, because of whom trust in humankind is being returned to me again and again, because they make the world nice and interesting.