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“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.” – Mark Twain

People, oh my dear people. I just want to let you know, that I’m planning to go back to writing for you as soon as possible (1st of September sounds good to me). Now I write just for my diary/planner in time of coffee breaks… I’m having the time of my life, this summer is the best one so far. Lots of work, lots of party, lots of good company, lots of joy, lots of gratitude. I love my life so much. I hope you also have the best summer! I’m wearing: random shoes from supermarket; secondhand pants; secondhand sunglasses;…


Cool people wearing 3 Ptice: Eva, Maša, Dominika, Sanja & Lara

I don’t know. Maybe just every artist/crafter/designer thinks, that their customers are the best ones. I’m no exception here. I love those girls (mostly girls), who buy from me so freakin’ much. Can you imagine how amazing it is, when you make something you like, something you feel deeply and then you share this with people wondering “Will anyone get it?”. And then people pop up, people who feel the message as their own, who say “This is so me, I’ll take this!”. And they pay for my work and my ideas and they spread the message further. Just like…

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At least we will fail while daring greatly!

An outfit post after quite some time. It will be the short one. I don’t post much lately. When I don’t post much it’s either because I’m not inspired to write or it’s so much going on that I’m totally inspired, but cannot find time. Thanks God is second. Life is treating me well lately. But it’s also true that I treat life well, enjoying it’s beauty, people that are being sent to me, belly laughs and deep shit conversations. I am daring quite greatly, I have to say! * * *   Secondhand sunglasses; vintage blouse; New Yorker leggings;…

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4. Vabljeni na Dvoriščno razprodajo in Zelemenjavo na Ptuju

To soboto prirejamo na Ptuju v Fürstovi hiši Dvoriščno razprodajo, Zelemenjavo in dražbo. (Ne)vljudno vabljeni na otvoritev sezone 2015! Vse, kar morate vedeti je na letaku. Če želite kaj prodati na dražbi, prosimo, pridite prej, da popišemo vaše kose. Wooohoo, mi smo prijetno vznemirjeni! Že veste, koga bi lahko povabili zraven? Delite povabilo z njimi. Preko facebooka, od ust do ust ali natisnite kakšen plakat in podelite letake. Hvala! Se vidimo! Ne veste, kje je Fürstova hiša? Tukaj je zemljevid.   If you happen to be in Ptuj this weekend, come around on Saturday, we are organising yard sale, auction…

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Outfit post: Just secondhand and gifts

Just a quickie today. I feel happy, I feel good and I’m hungry so I’m gonna make myself a dinner, and then I’m off for a drink with my friend and some deep shit conversations.. Btw, I totally love these pics, well done mr. Boyfriend, well done! I’m wearing: (Secondhand leggings, shirt, coat – thanks to duckalicious; secondhand scarf; Fino Fino necklace; sneakers thanks to Deichmann)

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An open letter to intellectuals

  I was afraid to publish this post. I don’t know why. I was very inspired (how could I not be when I was in company of so many incredible folks during that day) when I was writing it and I felt totally me. So, here we go: You know people, sometimes I have a very long day, but cannot sleep. Not because I would worry so much, but because I feel so inspired. There are such intense feelings in my heart and my wonderful brain translate them into thoughts and words. And from one thought comes another and so…


As short as it could be: review of my 2014

Hello, my dear people! I must admit, that I became somehow shy about writing a blog, since I don’t write that often. I really wish I will stick with new year’s resolution to write a post at least twice a week next year. After all, I love writing and this little blog of mine has been a source of new opportunities and friendships for quite some years now. Like everyone, I am reflecting the year that’s behind me and making a plans for a new one. I have to admit, that I am a bit afraid of dreaming too much…


Magic words and dr.Nature

Took this pic in the morning. I just love misty autumn mornings. Woke up early just to have more hours in day to feel shitty. Tried to heal myself. Felt more and more depressed in attempt to do so. Decided to meditate. Fall asleep in five minutes. Still felt like shit. Then I said magic words. Fuck it. I feel like a looser. Fuck it. I feel fake. Fuck it. I don’t feel like it. Fuck it. Everything sucks. Fuck it. Other people know it better. Fuck it. I feel stupid. Fuck it. Life is not fair. Fuck it. I’m…


2. Dvoriščna razprodaja na Ptuju | | 2nd secondhand sale in our town

These are pictures from the second secondhand sale in my co-organisation. In the house of Fürst in our little town of Ptuj (the oldest city in Slovenia, btw) That’s one of my favourite projects, currently! I said to one awesome gal, if we will make this. She was for it! And that’s now our thing. It’s great! I meet new people, I am forced to go out of my comfort zone and I do good for other people, nature and I also earn some money when I sell stuff that I no longer wear or use. It’s so awesome to…