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5 Tips For “The Lost Generation” | | 5 nasvetov za “izgubljeno generacijo”

Fellas, its that time again, me actually writing a real post, not just microblogging on social media (like instagram – that link is invite to follow me there, get it?). So, today I want to write about the lost generation. What lost generation you might say? You haven’t heard the news? There was a ship with a whole generation of young people and now they are all lost somewhere in the ocean, they sit on some island, waiting for a big ship of opportunities to come to the port that doesn’t exist to pick them up and then they’ll sail…


“A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.” – John Lubbock

Hello fellas! A new working week is here and it’s time to see that life is beautiful no matter the circumstances we are in. The sky is blue with gorgeous puffy clouds and the nature is all in happy green tones for us! We have air full of oxygen to breath and power in our hearts which makes world even more awesome place to live in! That’s exactly how I feel today and I hope you will get infected by my mood too. I of course have a lot of things I could worry about, but I decided not to.…


23 ways to boost your happiness when you don’t know how the hell you are gonna make it

Admit it, life can get pretty shitty from time to time. You work and work and still it seems like there’s no results. Well at least not in your pocket, because every penny you earn is already spent for all the things you need to pay so that you can work. Pretty depressing. Your to do list is endless. There’s not enough hours in the day to do everything on it. 15 things when you can actually do like 5 of them, if you are focused. And on top of that, you feel so tired. And anxious. How the hell…


How I got incredibly rich in 2013

Fellas! Your new year resoloutions failed yet? Just kidding 😉 I still have to share with you what I learned in 2013. I’ll spare you all my outfit (check them on fb, if you’re interested) and instagram photos, hehe 😀 I still have to share this outfit from november with my awesome secondhand clothes and DIY headband. + JP Design heart brooch and Moji mali čudeži (My little miracles) ring. So… I’ll keep it as short as I can… Heck, I’ll just write 3 main things! * * * Dragi moji! Novoletne zaobljube ste že pozabili? Hecam se 😉 Še…


Are you a Sunshine?

Hollaaaa! Ko sem urejala te fotke, sem pomislila, da mogoče izgledam na njih malo preveč srečno. Kot da bi bila zadrogirana. In pravzaprav sem. Zadeta sem od Življenja! A ni hecno, kako se nam zdijo negativna čustvena stanja bolj družbeno sprejemljiva, kot pa pozitivna? Imam prijateljico, ki je tudi tak pozitiven sonček, nabit z energijo. In kaj se ji dogaja? Ljudje jo sprašujejo, katere droge jemlje! Tudi meni se je že to večkrat zgodilo. In včasih se zdi, da gre tvoja sreča drugim na živce, včasih pa so njihove besede v bistvu občudovanje. “Na čem si ti, da si skoz…