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Tag: Zulu Zion

2. Dvoriščna razprodaja na Ptuju | | 2nd secondhand sale in our town

These are pictures from the second secondhand sale in my co-organisation. In the house of Fürst in our little town of Ptuj (the oldest city in Slovenia, btw) That’s one of my favourite projects, currently! I said to one awesome gal, if we will make this. She was for it! And that’s now our thing. It’s great! I meet new people, I am forced to go out of my comfort zone and I do good for other people, nature and I also earn some money when I sell stuff that I no longer wear or use. It’s so awesome to…


How succesful am I, how I met my role model and how Freedom bike looks like

Hello hello, my dear people and all the animals who likes to read 😉 001. I know you are eagerly waiting the update on my life and work! 😉 You know, my life is everything but boring lately! I somehow fly very high and walk on the really solid ground. And I feel deeply grateful for both! I enjoy flying and I am grateful for all the lessons I learn when on the bottom. I have the most busiest month so far in my life behind me. Lots of work, lots of meetings, lots of stress, lots of love, lots…


Can I help others, if I feel like I’m the one who needs help and Zulu Zion – the raddest socks of them all

Hello, fellas! Do you ever find yourself thinking about how great it would be to be rich, to have zero money worries and where you would spend your money on? I do, of course! I wanna spend it for travelling, growing my eco friendly design bussines, organic food, trips and fun activities with my family and friends, for clothing, accessories and interior design pieces from young designers and one thing I love to think about is how I’m going to be able to help other young talented people which are on they way to make the world the better place…