What I wore at Projekt Radar and my favourite pieces from the exhibition

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Veliko je že bilo napisanega o Projektu Radar v slovenski modni blogosferi, tako da vas ne bom dolgočasila z besedami, rekla bom samo, da je bila razstava, ki sem se je udeležila, zelo navdihujoča in mi je tudi dala veliko za mislit. Če bi napisala objavo na isti dan ali par dni za tem, bi zelo veliko napisala. Pravzaprav bi verjetno tudi zdaj lahko veliko napisala, a mi prosim oprostite mojo lenobo in uživajte v fotkah.  A lot about the Projekt Radar has been already written in slovenian fashion blogosphere, so I wont bore you with the words, I’ll just say that the exhibition that I attended was really inspiring and also gave me lots to think of. If I wrote the post about it the same day or in a few days, that would be a really long one. Actually I could probably write a lot about it right now, but please excuse me my laziness and enjoy the pictures. LSFbyAnita 547 LSFbyAnita 549 LSFbyAnita 551LSFbyAnita 553 LSFbyAnita 554LSFbyAnita 562 LSFbyAnita 564 LSFbyAnita 558 LSFbyAnita 567 LSFbyAnita 570. (Vintage obleka; secondhand torbica; H&M klobuk; Polzela pegice; Deichmann čevlji) (Vintage dress; secodhand bag; H&M hat; Polzela tights; Deichmann shoes) 

(Picture of me taken by Metka Zadravec (Thank you!))


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