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LSFbyAnita 111 LSFbyAnita 113 LSFbyAnita 114 Pikčasta vintage mint oblekca! Našla sem jo v babičini hiši. Ko me je mama videla v njej, mi je povedala, da je njena. No, vsaj bila je. Nosila jo je, ko je bila noseča. Ampak se ne spomni, kateri je bil v njenem trebuhu, moj brat ali jaz. Hah, na drugi fotki tudi jaz izgledam nosečo, ampak nisem, brez skrbi, samo veter je bil 😀 * * * Dotted vintage mint dress! I found it at grandma’s house. When my mother saw me in it she told me that is hers. Or at least, it was. She wore it when she was pregnant. But she don’t remember who was in her belly, my brother or me. Hah, on the 2nd pic I look pregnant too, but I’m not, don’t worry, it was just the wind 😀


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