“You wander from room to room. Hunting for the diamond necklace.That is already around your neck.” -Rumi

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Ni mi ravno do pisanja trenutno, tak da naj samo povem, da sem sama naredila obroč in broško in da mam nove čevlje, jej! Zdaj pa grem gledat Weeds. Zato mi ni do pisanja 😀 * * * I don’t really feel like writing now, so I’m just gonna tell that I’ve made the headband and brooch and that I have new shoes, yey! Now I have to watch Weeds. That’s why I don’t feel like writing 😀 DSC04233(DIY obroč in broška; vintage pulover; H&M hlače in plašček; Adidas torbica; Deichman čevlji) (DIY headband and brooch; vintage jumper; H&M pants and coat; Adidas bag; Deichman shoes) DSC04246DSC04241DSC04247


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  1. So cute, love your headband!

    And thanks for the sweet, comment, I am definitely glad to be back to blogging too 🙂

    xx raez

  2. Hiii

    OMG it has been a hiatus i know and i'm happy to say that i'm back :DD
    thanks for your comment Beba!

    The matte black sneakers you're wearing rocks! I think it's so cool to own one 🙂


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