“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” –Khalil Gibran

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LSFbyAnita 515 Fotke sobotne oblačilne oprave in nedeljskega mini izleta. Oblečeno sem imela fantovo srajco. Če je tako lepa. Torbico sem sama ročno poslikala. Pictures of Saturday’s outfit and Sunday’s little trip. I was wearing boyfriend’s shirt. It is so beautiful. The tote bag is handpainted by me. LSFbyAnita 537 LSFbyAnita 520 LSFbyAnita 540 LSFbyAnita 521 LSFbyAnita 541 LSFbyAnita 522 LSFbyAnita 545 LSFbyAnita 526 LSFbyAnita 548 LSFbyAnita 549.


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  1. 1. tvoji citati! mam vedno znova crushe na njih 🙂

    2. hell yes za super carsko fantovsko srajco

    3. ročno poslikana torbica = pure love :)<3

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