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The Zebra DIY tee

DSC01052DSC01056 DSC01057 DSC01061

I didn’t went to Joss Stone concert on Friday because of bad weather. But I had great times and crazy fun weekend with Jure, friends, acquaintances and strangers that became acquaintances 😀 And what about your weekend? Did you have fun? I finished the zebra DIY project. What do you say? DSC01102DSC01097 DSC01098DSC01100 DSC01109DSC01110 Double protection


(H&M hoodie, hat and bag, DIY Zebra tee, Passiontex jeans, Graceland shoes)

Fight with the umbrella
DSC01132 DSC01135

Have a nice week!

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. Haha, ka sta luškana 😀

    Majca je pa spet noro dobra in če bi bla zravn bi zdej ploskala 🙂

  2. your DIY project looks very good!
    nice job!

    and some love and peace back,
    but don't forget the shopping 🙂

  3. waw.. dobra deja za diy.. če bi le jaz imela kakšno umetniško žilico v sebi:D

  4. ha that is such a cool DIY! might have to look into something similar 🙂


  5. THIS IS MAGNIFICO! love love love that DIYed zebra prints 🙂 you got talent dear!
    Thank you for your really sweet comments..i love reading 'em 🙂


  6. Wow babe, GREAT JOB! Thanks for posting that tutorial, such a great idea! xo

  7. Eri Eri

    Nice DIY 😉

    I love how you styled it. The hat is so cute.

    See you soon.

  8. i love your diy shirt!!! its really nice! did you use fabric paint? did you just paint free hand??

    you and your boyfriend are so cute!

  9. Oh thats so cool! Well done dear! Now i want to try to make myself one

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