Cool people wearing 3 Ptice: Eva, Maša, Dominika, Sanja & Lara

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i love books and deep shit conversations book lover tote bag

I don’t know. Maybe just every artist/crafter/designer thinks, that their customers are the best ones. I’m no exception here. I love those girls (mostly girls), who buy from me so freakin’ much. Can you imagine how amazing it is, when you make something you like, something you feel deeply and then you share this with people wondering “Will anyone get it?”. And then people pop up, people who feel the message as their own, who say “This is so me, I’ll take this!”. And they pay for my work and my ideas and they spread the message further. Just like the birds. I couldn’t made up a better name for my brand (it means 3 Birds). Always when I think about how lucky I am, my heart becomes bigger and bigger and I clap my hands happily. The girls you see bellow? They are all from this beatiful little town called Ptuj. They have in common big hearts and artistic skills. I’m so happy I know them! i love books and deep shit conversations book lover tote bag

Photo from Eva

Eva took her 3 Ptice tote bag I love books & deep shit conversations to the Italian seaside. Eva believes in people and knows how to see the beauty in the world around her. And she has a great style. That’s the first thing I noticed about her, before I knew her personally. Follow her on Instagram.

Maša Hvalec s 3 Ptice Beware of Artists totico Maša Hvalec s 3 Ptice Beware of Artists totico (1)

Photos from Maša

Maša took her tote bag to the Prague! An artist took the tote about artist to one of the most artistic cities! The tote says “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.” Maša is exploring different techniques for her self-expression. From painting to sewing to photography… You cannot see her face here, but she has that “diva” kind of beauty. Follow her on instagram.

Dominika Veršič s 3 Ptice This aint no time to sit around crying like a bunch of pussies 3 Ptice This ain't no time to sit around cryin' like a bunch of pussies tote bag on Dominika Veršič First two pictures taken by me, other two by Dominika

Dominika says that 3 Ptice tote is the only bag she wears since she bought it 😀 It says “This ain’t no time to sit around cryin’ like a bunch of pussies”. And if I chech Dominika’s instagram, she really looks like she don’t have time to cry, because she’s enjoying her life, culture and the little things. And I love her photos!

Sanja Selinšek s 3 Ptice vrečko

Picture taken by me


Sanja also works in culture. Writing, translating, public speaking…(More on her webpage). And she’s now having her first baby! This girl has such a story to tell! Just in case you may sometimes forget, I want to remember you, that behind every person is a whole spectrum of stories. And some of them are totally surprising. Sanja is a superwoman, literally.

3 Ptice Svet je svet foto Lara Skok  3 Ptice Svet je svet foto Lara Skok na osebi 3 Ptice Svet je svet v Muziku foto Lara skok  Pictures by Lara Skok

And this is Lara. She is one of those super talented young people. She wears 3 Ptice bag that says “Svet je svet.” It’s a little game with words in slovene. It was my first idea for what should be written on a bag, but I needed a few years to make it reality. I kinda felt like people won’t get it… Well it means “The world is sacred” Back to Lara. This girl has such a feeling for photography, omg. Her instagram is pure joy. Must follow. I am always so happy, when this happens – when somebody enjos my work and I enjoy theirs.

So, what about you? Do you have any pictures with 3 Ptice eco friendly accessories? Send them to me, baby!





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  1. Ooo kako lepo, nekje bi še morale biti slike od tvoje totice. Tudi tukaj na Kanarskih jo pridno razkazujem (: Bom malo pobrskala, mogoče jih najdem <3

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