“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” -Mohandas Gandhi

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Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 056 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 058 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 059 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 062 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 071 Life.Style.Fun.by.Anita 072 V petek fotografirala prijateljica Saša | | Pictures taken by friend Saša on Friday Tole lepo srajco s peter pan ovratnikom sem našla v babičini hiši. In brezrokavnik pravtako. Včeraj sem imela zelo uspešen dan. Oprala sem si avto in ga posesala. In končno sem si pobarvala lase. Z vsem tem sem odlašala že nekaj mesecev! Tako sem ponosna nase! 😀 In v knjižnici sem našla polico z vsemi Castanedovimi knjigami, jeeej! * * * I found that beautiful peter pan collar shirt at grandma’s house. And the vest too. I had such a successful day yesterday. I washed my car and cleaned it with vacuum cleaner. I also dyed my hair. I have been procrastinating with all these things for months now! I’m so proud of myself! 😀 And I found the shelf with all Castaneda’s books in the library, yeeey!





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