Fabric shaver, beret, Love…

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Today I bought the fabric shaver for 10€. It cost 16€ at first, but it has a little mistake so I got it for 10. Great, isn’t?


On the left is before,  on the right is after :

DSC03648DSC03653 DSC03658DSC03667DSC03669DSC03673 DSC03675DSC03679 DSC03682

And there are two of this week’s outfits: DSC03585 DSC03588 DSC03595 DSC03613 DSC03607DSC03608

(Vintage colourful blouse and yellow tee; Tally Weijl green shirt and jeans; I got beret from my classmate [Thanks!] and is from New Yorker; Ali Star shoes]  

DSC03632 DSC03635 DSC03639

 (New Yorker beret and black tee; Tally Weijl gray shirt; unknown scarf; C&A belt; Oviesse pants; Alis Star shoes)


And there’ is my Love, Jure. I gotta say THANKS to him because he loves me even on my black, totally depressive days, when I hate myself, when I reach the bottom, when I’m exaggerating and crying crying crying… THANK YOU!  





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  1. @SB: Hvala! ((:
    Ja, tudi je super, čist sem navdušena, ker sem si ga že dolgo želela, pa se mi ga nikoli ni dalo iskat po trgovinah, ker me je blo strah, da mi bo vzelo preveč časa, pol pa ga danes v prvi trgovini najdem. Včasih so stvari tak enostavne ko se jih le lotiš 😀

  2. Fabric shaver?? Cool..
    I didnt know this stuff exists! 😀
    I love the colourful blouse you worn in your post.. they are very vintage 🙂 I can see lotsa styles derived out of it!

  3. Woooow. Jaz tudi nisem vedela, da ta stvar obstaja. Ö Ampak letim ob prvi šansi počekirat, če se tudi pri nas kej najde. Ü

    Aja oba outfita sta fenomenalna, kot vedno. Sploh hlače. Ü


  4. Ej pa ti si genij 🙂 – mi smo mel tole doma in sploh ni šlo nč stran, k vrjetn nismo znal uporablat.
    A ne, kolk smo bejbe včasih teček 🙂 je tud men učas kr bet, pa bi se kr zahvall svojmu Fantiču.

  5. waw! ta brivnik pa je zakon! jst mam kr ene par stvari k jih zard tega ne nosm glih veliko! morm jt v akcijo! hvala za info, beba!


    Take care<3



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