Game of Thrones

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 LSFbyAnita 1492

Hello hello! Waaa, ali gledate Igro prestolov? Ekstremno zanimiva serija! Jaz sem čisto padla not! Prvo sezono sem pogledala v dveh dneh! In ta čas je v bistvu bil zelo dobro porabljen, ker sem ves čas med gledanjem delala na eni zadevi. Bom pokazala, ko bo končano, saj še me čaka delo za šivalnim strojem.

Hello hello! Waaa, do you guys watch Game of Thrones? It’s extremely interesting!I totally fell into it and watched whole first season through in two days! The time was very well spend, though, as I was working on something while watching. Will show it to you when it’s finished. Sewing machine part of process still waits for me. 

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(Vintage jopa; DIY verižica, oblekca in prstan; H&M hlačne nogavice in čevlji; New Yorker torbica) (Vintage cardigan; DIY necklace, dress and ring; H&M tights and wedges, New Yorker bag)






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