“Girls we love for what they are; young men for what they promise to be.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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LSFbyAnita 1383

S fantom sva v nedeljo imela majhen cestni izlet. Obožujem road tripe. Vmes sva se ustavila na pici. Obožujem pico. In potem sva šla na to čudovito jezero (Radehova, pri Lenartu). Obožujem jezera.

Hvala, Jure <3  

(Vidite, en dan dol, naslednji dan gor, hehe)

I and my boyfriend went on a little road trip on Sunday. I love road trips. Meanwhile we stopped for some pizza. I love pizza. And then we went to this beautiful lake near pizzeria. I love lakes.

Thank you, Jure <3  
(You see, one day down, next day up, hehe)

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(DIY top, tutorial tu; DIY kratke hlače s čipko, tutorial tu; DIY verižica narejena iz CD-ja; New Yorker torba; Graceland čevlji) (DIY top, tutorial here; DIY shorts with lace, tutorial here; DIY necklace made of CD; New Yorker bag; Graceland shoes)
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