Happy Birthday to me…

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DSC05442Zjutraj na 20. rojstni dan | | In the Morning on my 20th Birthday DSC05445 DSC05446 Čudovita vrtnica, ki mi jo je podaril Jure <3 | | A beautiful rose which Jure gave me <3 DSC00028 DSC00079 DSC00128DSC00536 DSC00870DSC01353 DSC01413DSC01418 DSC02144DSC02338 DSC02405DSC02415 DSC02482DSC02833DSC02862DSC02865 DSC02887DSC02908DSC02926DSC03849 DSC03412DSC03885 DSC03886DSC04280 DSC04277DSC04293 DSC04739DSC04896 DSC04793DSC05068 DSC05115DSC05118 DSC05271 DSC05277 DSC05322DSC05382DSC05381DSC05386 Večino fotografij naredila jaz, ovci na smrekici in modrega metulja fotografiral Jure | | Pictures taken by me, mostly, sheep on the Christmas tree and the blue butterfly taken by Jure Lep vikend vam želim! Have a nice weekend!





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  1. Heyss 😀
    Have a happiest BIRTHDAY and a blessed one! Aww, nothing beats a rose on birthdays from loved ones 🙂

    ps: try not to think too much like i always do too, have been trying to stop that as it has been doing no good in my life, both our lives 🙂
    You ARE a talented young woman, i mean look at those DIYs in your blog, now that's a strong point you got there, keep on believing, and keep on saying that you CAN, cos you really CAN do it 😉 Nothing can stop you from excelling except yourself 😉

    Much love,

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