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Srečen božič ! Merry Christmas ! DSC00155 DSC00157 (Vintage jopa; H&M kapca in majca; Two Way ruta; Passiontex jeans) (Vintage cardigan; H&M tee and hat; Two Way scarf; Passiontex jeans) Danes bom pekla kekse; okrasila smrekico, morda bom celo sama naredila okraske, narediti še moram nekaj daril (vse vam bom pokazala, ker sem tak ponosna ;), tudi kuhala bom in zvečer bom zapela z dedkom. Nisem dobra v petju, toda dedek je skoraj gluh, tako da sva kar dober par 😀 Today I will bake some cookies, make a Christmas tree, maybe I will even make ornaments for it, I still gotta make some presents (I will show you everything, because I’m so proud ;), I will cook some food and in the evening I will sing with my grandfather. I’m not good at singing, but he’s almost deaf, so we are pretty good couple 😀   P.S.: V ponedeljek sem naložila par svojih slik v mojo trgovinico. Morda bi kdo rad podprl wannabe umetnico na njeni poti, da postane prava umetnica? 😀 P.S.: I updated my little shop with some of my paintings on Monday.  Maybe somebody would love to support wannabe artist on the way to become a real artist? 😀





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