How to live a dream life

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I did a visualisation of my dream life today. Of my perfect lifestyle. How would I feel, if I had what I wanted, how would I act… Happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident. It made me realise, how many things I have now in my life, that I once thought would make me feel like this. The life I’m living now was my dream once. So I kinda already leave my dream life! After that I was working in my studio. Having a place to work outside of my home, where can I be more productive, that was my dream once! Driving back home in my own car… Having my own car was a dream years ago! Making myself a delicious tomato soup (with ingredients I prepared during a year – tomato souce and dried tomatoes, all homegrown and wild garlic pesto) for a dinner… Then drinking green tea and reading Murakami. This is a dream life! Writing a post on a blog that people still read… Wow! Feeling happy, at peace with myself, aware of the moment and confident for a whole day already! That was a dream of mine back in the times when I had constant mood swings. And when I post this I will make myself a hot bath. What a dream!rain boots with flowers

Having cute rain boots was also dream of mine before it came to reality!

fog in wineyards

I’m wearing: secondhand hat and pants; vintage top and cardigan; H&M trench coat I bought in middle school; Boulevard boots

vintage top details






  1. kok si lepa na prvi fotki, tko čist skulirana in zen deluješ 🙂

    super napisano – to je to. vse imaš takrat, ko se tega zaveš!

    btw, a si gledala abundance factor? se mi zdi, da bi ti znal bit zanimiv. zaenkrat je še cel na youtubu, če te zanima.

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