I went for a walk today…

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DSC00388DSC00391DSC00404DSC00407DSC00413DSC00408DSC00415DSC00416DSC00422DSC00428DSC00432DSC00438DSC00453DSC00454DSC00457DSC00459 DSC00472DSC00473DSC00486 DSC00492 DSC00495DSC00512 Včasih sem res srečna v svojem obstoju. V novem letu vam želim veliko volje in poguma za uresničevanje sanj! Sometimes I’m realy happy in my existance. I wish you willingness and courage for making your dreams come true this year!






  1. Hi, Beba! I was just about to shut my computer down, too, when I saw your comment. Thank you so much for reading my post and the contributing comments on it. I agree with you– fashion blogging is so materialistic and about the acquisition of "things" that is really does seem a step backwards sometimes. I also think your English is fine! Maybe you SHOULD write longer posts. I understood everything you said and it came across really well. You must be doing it right! :]

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