“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” –Mother Teresa

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Zdravo zdravo! Ziher sem, da ste se že naveličali te torbice, saj jo skoraj vedno nosim, ampak je najbolj praktična od moje zbirke, tako da se ne bomo sekirali… Če kdo kdaj želi zastonj EFT terapijo, naj gre pogledat kanal tega tipa na youtube-u. Brez skrbi, nisem plačana, da delim z vami to informacijo. Trenutno se pač tak počutim, da razširim vest o nečem, kar mi večkrat pomaga k boljšemu počutju in večji stopnji energije, v upanju, da bo pomagalo tudi komu drugemu. Naj bo mir z vami! * * * Hello hello! I’m sure you’re tired of this bag that I’m almost always wearing, but is my most practical bag so who cares… If anyone ever needs a free EFT therapy, go check the channel of this guy on youtube. Don’t worry, I’m not paid for sharing this information, I just feel in the moment like sharing it, because when I follow along those videos, I always feel better and more energized and I hope that could help someone else, too. May the peace be with you! DSC03868DSC03878DSC03867DSC03880DSC03872(Vintage majica; Oviesse jeans; H&M torbica in čevlji) (Vintage top; Oviesse jeans; H&M bag and shoes)





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