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DSC06695DSC06699DSC06701 (Vintage rdeča majca in modra srajca; H&M klobuk, pegice in čevlji; secondhand Butterfly kratke hlače; Adidas torba) (Vintage red top and blue shirt; H&M hat, tights and shoes; secondhand Butterfly shorts; Adidas bag) Te fotke so bile narejene v soboto ob pol petih zjutraj, preden sva se z Juretom odpravila v taxi, ki naju je odpeljal domov. Kot vidite izgledam kul in sveže ob vsaki uri 😉 Hec. Res je bila zabavna noč. Preživela sva jo s kul, zabavnim in inteligentnim folkom (: Danes sem porabila skoraj cel dan za mizo, sestavljajoč sestavljanko. Sovražim kak čas leti! Lep teden vam želim! (Spet nisem vedela kakšen naslov naj napišem, zato sem v google vtipkala ‘red and blue lyrics’ in tako našla tole ljubko in dobro pesem od Who. Lirika tukaj) These pics had been taken on Saturday at 4:30 in the morning, before I and Jure went to the taxi, which drove us home. As you can see I look  cool and fresh at any hour 😉 Kidding. It was a really fun night. We spent it with some cool, funny and inteligent folks (: Today I spent almost the whole day sitting by my table and putting puzzles together. I hate how time flyes! Have a nice week! (I again didn’t know what to wrote as a post title, so I typed ‘red and blue lyrics’ in the google and I found this cute and good song from Who. Lyrics there)





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  1. Hey! I really like your look, the vintage T-shirt with the blue is beautiful =) my blog with my drawings:
    Kiss and best wishes for you.

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