A little trip around the lake..

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Žal mi je (in obenem mi ni) za preobremenitev objave s slikami, ampak so mi vse všeč. Narejene so bile prejšnjo sredo (jap, vedno sem v zaostanku z objavami), ko smo jaz, Jure, moja mama in naša soseda šli na izletek okrog ptujskega akumulacijskega jezera. Hodili smo okrog tri ure in bilo je čudovito. Ampak na koncu sem se želela le usesti. In to smo tudi storili. In pojedla sem slasten sladoled z vročim sadjem. Sorry (and I’m also not sorry) for the overload of pictures, but I like them all. They were made last Wednesday (yes, I’m always in setback with posts), when I, Jure, my mum and our neighbour were having a little trip around the reservoir lake. It was about three hours of walking and it was beautiful. But in the end I just wanted to sit down. And this is what we did. And I ate delicious ice cream with hot fruits. DSC06948DSC06956DSC06952DSC06958DSC06963 DSC06973DSC06974  DSC06978DSC06984 DSC06985DSC06986DSC06992DSC06988DSC06989 DSC06997DSC06999  DSC07014 DSC07029DSC07015 Obožujem vožnjo čez Puhov most, tako lep je (lepši kot na fotkah, veste) in tokrat sem ga prvič prečkala peš. I just love to drive through this bridge, it’s so beautiful (pictures don’t do the justice, you know) and that day I walked through it for the first time. DSC07032 DSC07037 Ker so me med izletom začele rame malo boleti, sem ‘iznašla’ nov način nošnje torbice naokrog (:  Because my shoulders started to hurt a little during the trip I have ‘invented’ the new way of carring the bag around (: (H&M majica in torbica; krilo iz druge roke; Ali Star čevlji) (H&M tee and shoes; secondhand skirt; Ali Star shoes)





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