Menina Planina

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lifestylefun 1706 Za prvi maj sem se z mamo in fantom podala na Menino planino. Ko prideš na vrh je kot bi prišel v nebesa! Toliko krokusov na kupu! In ko vse to vidiš v živo, izgleda še tisočkrat boljše kot na fotografijah! On the 1st of May I went to the top of Menina planina, a hill in Slovenia, with my boyfriend and my mum. When you are up there it’s just like you are in heaven. There are fields of wild crocuses!  Pictures look good, but when you see that with your own eyes is 1000 x better. menina planinamenina planinaBathroom menina sneg Vesela snega 😀 | | Happy about snow 😀 menina telohmenina hroščČudovit hrošček | | A wonderful bug menina planina Skozi sončna očala | | Through the sunglasses lifestylefun 1665 Srečna stopala | | Happy feet lifestylefun 1668 lifestylefun 1672 lifestylefun 1676 Jure v moji srajci 😀 | | My boyfriend wearing my shirt 😀 lifestylefun 1678lifestylefun 1695  Jaz in moja mama | | I and my mum lifestylefun 1700 lifestylefun 1705 lifestylefun 1709 lifestylefun 1711 lifestylefun 1713 lifestylefun 1714 lifestylefun 1716 lifestylefun 1718 lifestylefun 1721 Jaz in fant | | I and my boyfriend lifestylefun 1731 Vsi skupaj | | All of us together lifestylefun 1732lifestylefun 1734 lifestylefun 1735 lifestylefun 1737 lifestylefun 1739 A “shitty” slope lifestylefun 1740





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