“Nobody is so weird others can't identify with them.” -Rebecca Miller

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(Vintage bluza; Fabiani pajkice; Deichmann čevlji, 3 Ptice prstan) ( Vintage blouse; Fabiani leggings; Deichmann shoes; 3 Ptice ring)

Skoraj vedno dobim kakšen čuden pogled, kadar imam na sebi te zlate pajkice. Popolnoma razumljivo. Mislim, ne vidiš vsaki dan osebe z zlatimi pajkicami, še posebej ne sredi dneva. To mi daje občutek, da imam neko super moč. Ali pa da imam obupno potrebo po pozornosti, ampak mi ni ravno do tega, da bi vrgla ven joškice. Kot da so dovolj velike za to 😀 Kakorkoli, zlate noge imam, neverjetna sem! 😀

Mimogrede naj vas obvestim, da sem dejansko bolj aktivna zadnje čase na instagramu, tako da me spremljajte ;P

* * *

I almost always get some strange looks when I wear these gold leggings. I totally understand it. I mean, you don’t see a person with gold leggings just everyday, especially not in the middle of the day. Makes me feel like I have super power or something. Or I am just in desperate need of attention, but don’t wanna throw out my boobies for it. Like they are big enough for that 😀 Anyway, my legs are golden, I’m amazing! 😀

By the way, I am actually more active on instagram lately, so you should follow me there ;P

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