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Fotke včerajšnjega dne. Preden sem šla v Maribor na duhovno, sem naredila par fotografij outfita s samosprožilcem, nekaj pa jih je pozneje naredil še Jure. V McDonaldsu sem včeraj prvič zagledala macaroonse in seveda sva si z Juretom privoščila vsak enega. Pistacijo in karamelo. Oba sta bila dobra in seveda ju je bilo tudi treba po blogersko dokumentirat, hah. Na Ptuju pa sva imela en mini čajni zmenek, hehe.

* * *

Pictures of yesterday. Before I went in Maribor to spiritual university I took few pictures of my outfit with self-timer and then Jure also took a few. I saw macaroons in McDonalds for the first time and of course we both tried them. Pistachio and caramel, They were both good and documenting them in a blogger way was a must, hah. We also had a little tea date in the town of Ptuj, hehe.
pics 134pics 123pics 133
Aja, kako vam je všeč broškica? DIY, seveda 😀 | | Do you like the brooch? DIY, of course 😀
pics 121pics 127pics 124pics 138pics 137pics 144





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