Outfit post: What if we fail? At least we will fail while daring greatly!

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So, we had a day off here in Slovenia, still a holiday. And as an entrepreneur I was having an inner fight, you know. “I have work to do, am so behind with everything, I gotta make some money, take care of marketing, I never get enough done, I never earn enough, never enough time…” And the other part of me was saying “Relaaax, it’s a holiday, take care of yourself, do some inner work, it’s still a work, just doesn’t feel like it ;)” Great trick! Thanks God I listened to that second part, because I came from feeling afraid about the week and all anxious (about money, about myself and how I see myself in society) to feeling totally excited about the week, cannot wait to start working on 3 Ptice and this blog as well tomorrow, I cannot wait to sell my goodies to people who want them, share my gifts, make money, change the world. I feel so good about myself, so grateful for everything I am, so grateful for everything I have, so grateful that I live in this beautiful country called Slovenia, so grateful for all the people I love and that I’m so lovable that they love me as well! Good life :*

daring greatly tote bag
I’m wearing: 3 Ptice tote bag; everything else secondhand/gifts





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