Pag 2010 IX.

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DSC08304 DSC08310DSC08314 DSC08320 DSC08330 (Juretova Converse majica; Tally Weijl pas; Fishbone kratke hlače; H&M torbica in nogavice; Ali Star čevlji) (Jure’s Converse T-shirt; Tally Weijl belt; Fishbone shorts; H&M bag and socks; Ali Star shoes) DSC08323 DSC08347 DSC08379 DSC08383 (H&M majica, čevlji, nogavice in torbica; krilo vintage) (H&M tee; shoes, socks and bag) DSC08389 DSC08392 Sedaj grem delat pecivo. Jure mi bo pomagal (: I’m going to make some pastry now. Jure will help me (:






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