Pieces I would wear from new Adidas StellaSport Collection

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When I discovered Stella McCartney in my teenage years I’ve decided she’s gonna be my favourite designer. Why? Because she’s a vegetarian and doesn’t use leather or fur in her collections. And her designs are dope as well. I still stick with that decision. Actually, I stick with quite a lot of my teenage decisions. I’m vegetarian since 13-14, in design since 15, together with my man since 16-17, writing this blog since the age of 16-17… My style also stayed kinda teenage. I hope this won’t stay the same in my forties because that would be pathetic… Well, I don’t know… However. I created a collage of pieces that I like the most from new collection StellaSport for Adidas. I would wear this outfit for a whole day. Morning meditation, working in my studio and walking with my dog. What do you think?

stellasportgiflifestylefun stellasportoutfitlifestylefun (Large) Have a nice weekend!





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