DIY top and bag

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I got that top from my mother’s ex-co-worker’s daughter. When I tried it I on it was so tight that i had to cut it off. I decided to shorten and widen it – I used elastics. The result could be better, but I don’t complain, because I know that practice makes perfect 😀

DSC00856DSC00845DSC00855DSC00863(Tee and overknees H&M, I don’t know about the skirt, a vintage blouse, top and bag DIY, shoes Ali Star)

I made that bag a few years ago. It was once a shirt. I sewed the sleeves and the bottom shut, so it became a bag 😀






  1. eej ta torbica mi je pa ful ušeč!
    pa te bom vrjetn kopirala. hih, sej ne zamerš? 🙂
    edin..js nimam nobene majce, k bi bla iz tazga lušnga blaga..morm pobrskat. hvala za idejo 😉

  2. love the skirt!

    im trying so hard to read the slovenian, and i can definitely understand some! (im bosnian)

    your blog is adorable!

    mis neira

  3. Hi Beba,

    Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you have enjoyed the blog.
    I very much enjoyed yours too.

    I hope to see you soon.


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