School shit, zombie and hangman!

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Hellow people! There are some pics of me from about…hmm, more than one week ago. Yes I need time to make a post. I don’t have it now, If I am honest…But girl need some time for her virtually life too. What you think? I mean, I earned it, because today I wrote a lot of shit about fashion through the centuries for school. It’s interesting, but I’m so damn slow, it takes so many time to find right pics at web etc. The point is: I HATE doing my school work. I like school because of classmates, because of fun, because of occasional good discussions  because I hear a lot of interesting facts etc., but I hate working for those stupid grades.  I definitely can’t say they are bad, they are good, excellent, ‘cause I use my logic, I remember interesting facts, I have luck… But I just FUCKING HATE spending my time for school when I’m not in school! Huh! Okay, let’s go to pics.

DSC03470 DSC03477 DSC03487 DSC03479

(Tally Weijl long pullover; Zara tunic; unknown scarf; Passiontex jeans; Cube shoes)

Saturday was a party Saturday. At the pics you can see a zombie. Zombies won the first  award for the best group mask. There were about 25 zombies, but I took pics only from Lara, one of them. Under zombie is hangman. He won the first award for individual mask. I mean that’s the best mask ever. What you think? DSC03499 DSC03500DSC03501DSC03502 DSC03507DSC03503    DSC03505DSC03510







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