Some secondhand and vintage clothes and funny lips thing

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Hellow my lovely people! (: How are you? I hope you are creating, I hope beautiful things in your heads are being transformed into palpable articles. If not, start work something! This is definitely  for me too 😀


Look at this pullover! Isn’t it wonderful? I put it on at home on Monday and I found out that is too nice to wear it at home only. So I wore it to school the next day.


(Vintage shirt; Tally Weijl; Passiontex jeans)

I think this shirt was my father’s once but I’m not sure. It’s so good that you can wear too large shirt with belt and it looks so lovely chic.

DSC02492 DSC02501 DSC02511 DSC02513DSC02517

(H&M hat; secondhand coat and pepita tights; no name scarf; in bow tied belt from some coat; Ali Star shoes)

I don’t know how this blouse came into our house, the skirt was mother’s once, I got coat from Jure’s  sister and neightbour gave me this pepita tights. That’s so good, isn’t it?

I was at one birthday at Friday and there was this girl called Petra and she showed me this thing that she found out she can do:


What this thing with lips reminds you of? 😀





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  1. Vedno, ko gledam tvoje kombinacije oblačil si mislim, kako hudiča ti uspe (meni) tako čudne in raznolike kose sestaviti v kul celoto … Res ti uspe, čeprav sama nimam niti približno takega stila pa tudi ti kosi mi posamično niso tako všeč, na tebi pa delujejo super in povsem izražajo tebe kot osebo – se mi zdi. vse pohvale 🙂

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