“The amount of times you say you hate drama is directly proportional to the amount of times that you actually start it”

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Včasih postanemo to kar sovražimo. To soboto sem bila kraljica drame, nekaj česar ne prenašam. S fantom sma imela prvi javni prepir. Za kar sva oba mislila, da se nama ne more zgoditi. Ampak morda moramo kdaj zadeti dno, da lahko gremo nazaj na vrh. In da se lahko učimo.

Sometimes we become what we hate. That Saturday I was a drama queen, something I can’t stand. I had a first public battle with my boyfriend. Something we both thought that couldn’t happened to us. But maybe sometimes we have to hit the bottom, to get back to the top. And so that we can learn.


 Star CD recikliran v DIY verižico | | Old CD recycled into DIY necklace

(DIY verižica; vintage top; New Yorker torbica in krilo; Graceland čevlji) (DIY necklace; vintage top; New Yorker bag and skirt; Graceland shoes)






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