“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” -Emile Zola

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vintage skirt lace top green and blue palm print knee lenght clean white sneakers

Pozdravljeni, prijatelji! Vem da malo zanemarjam blog zadnje čase. Imam miljavžent še neobjavljenih slik.

Tale outfit sem nosila pred več kot enim mesecem. Vintage krilo s potiskom palm sem našla na podstrešju. Nekoč je bilo mamino. Majico pa je menda moja mama dobila od moje tete, a je ni nikoli nosila. Nekaj takšnega. Čevlje pa sem kupila v trgovini Bella na Ptuju za zelo nizko ceno. Originalno so bili 15€, na to je bil 20% popust, jaz sem pa še koristila bon za 5€, ki sem ga od Belle dobila za rojstni dan in sem tako na koncu plačala le 6€ in nekaj centov. Fino.

Zanima vas, kako sem kaj drugače? Super! Hodim okrog po sejmih, spoznavam fenomenalne ljudi, veliko ustvarjam in nalagam stvari na 3 Ptice in na Etsy ter zajemam Življenje z veliko žlico. Pridna punca.

In kako ste kaj vi?

* * *

Hello, friends! I know I neglect this blog lately. I have a million unposted pictures on my hard drive.

I wore this outfit more than a month ago. I found this vintage skirt with palm print in the attic of our house. It was from my mum once. My mum received the top from my aunt, I guess, but she never wore it. Something like that. And my white shoes. I bought them in a shoe store in our little town. They were 15€. And there was 20% discount on this price and I also received a 5€ discount from that store for my birthday so in the end I paid just 6€ and few cents for them. Cool.

Oh, you wanna know how am I doing? Great! I am selling at art markets, meeting amazing people, creating a lot, listing my handmade products on my Etsy shop and enjoy Life at its fullest. Good girl.

And what about you? How are you?





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