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summer OOTD green black peplum dress

Hej hej! Na teh fotkah lahko vidite nekaj, česar pri meni niste vajeni. In to je make up! Te fotke so nastale po fotošutingu pred kakšnim mesecem, ko sem bila model oblikovalki Valeriji Rimele. Več o tej zanimivi izkušnji pa ko dobim uradne fotke (:

Hi, fellas! You can see something on these pictures that you’re not used to see on me. And this is make up! These pictures were taken after the photoshooting abouth a month ago, when I was a model for slovenian designer Valerija Rimele. I’ll tell you more about that interesting experience when I get official photos (:

New Yorker dress green and black
To oblekco sem dobila za rojstni dan od Juretove mame. Čudovita je, a?

I got this dress for my birthday from boyfriend’s mum. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

hot air balloon necklace spark
Verižico pa so mi prijazno poslali od Sparka. Čisto taprava za mene, pisana in povezana z letenjem <3

And necklace was kindly sent to me from Spark. It’s the perfect one for me, colors and something related to flying – hot air balloon! 
 Anita with make up smoky eyes

Redno spremljajte blog, ker kmalu prihaja mini nagradna igra! (:





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  1. Ti pristaja make up, ampak brez make upa si še lepša. najbrž tudi za to, ker sem te navajena brez makeupa. Ooo, Valerijo pa poznam 😛 Tudi mene zelo zanimajo fotke.. 😛

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