Vintage flowers and dots.

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dots and flowersTole sem imela danes oblečeno v mesto. Fotografirala sem se samosprožilcem. That’s what I wore to the town today.  Pictures are taken with a self-timer. dotsshoes before Tele stare čevlje sem predelala že kar nekaj časa nazaj, a sem jih imela danes prvič po tem obute. I reworked those old shoes quite some time ago, but I wore them today for the first time after that change. flowers and shoes nowDIYed shoesflowers and dots(Vintage top, krilo in torbica; DIY obroč in čevlji) (Vintage top, skirt and bag; DIY heaband and shoes)






  1. Tukaj si mi pa res dama iz 50ih 🙂

    HAHAHA just saw this: And a little reminder: Do not spend too much time on the internet! 😀

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