“We are all special cases.” -Albert Camus

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LSFbyAnita 1314LSFbyAnita 1320 Dva koščka iz mojega današnjega outfita. Prstan sem dobila od bralke, bluzo pa sem nekoč našla v babičini hiši. V bistvu bi vam rada marsikaj povedala, ampak sem lačna, kar pomeni, da bom vsak trenutek postala tudi tečna, tako da grem rajši kuhat, potem pa dalje ustvarjat. * * * Two pieces of my today’s outfit. The ring was given to me by my blog reader and the blouse was found few years ago in grandma’s house. Actually, I’d like to tell you many things now, but I’m hungry and that means I’ll become whiny very soon, so I better get my ass to the kitchen and then I’ll continue with my creative projects.






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