We went to: Island Krk, Croatia. Yep, in October.

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A post was written. The computer decided to freeze. A post was lost.

So just the point of the lost post: I’m so glad I took a week off, because I’m so full of fresh energy now! Yeeha!

island krk, croatia, on the road to Baškasoline krkBaška, island Krk, Croatia  krk croatia october

Crazy happy at the end of the longest pier I have ever seen. That would be my to go place for meditation if I lived there.

long pier biserujka cave, krk croatia

The Biserujka cave. One of 54 kras caves in Krk. That’s the only one open for public.

seaside in october

Here I went swimming in cold cold water. But it was still fantastic! I love that feeling that swimming in sea gives me. Like I’m back in the womb.


The dog fell in love with a hot dog. Jure and I fell in love with the dog.

he and wifi
Free wifi almost everywhere. Jure was using it a lot. I just checked my e-mails twice, Internet almost equals work for me, so I stay away from it on vacations.

zulu zion socks

Still my favourite pair of socks. Zulu Zion.

3 Ptice backpack

3 Ptice backpack. More 3 Ptice backpacks here.

roadtrippin'again and againBeack in fkk camp, krk Island, Croatiaseapathwayport Krkred pathwaybadasskitschy old town of Krk
cute dog gif

“Where’s that hot dog?”
anita puksic lifestylefun
That’s all folks!





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  1. Lepe slikice te, me veseli, da si se imela lepo 🙂
    Se mi zdi, da je morje še lepše, ko ni poletje (se pravi spomladi in jeseni :D). 🙂

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