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Bluza, ki jo imam na sliki je nekoč bila v lasti moje mame in je imela dolge rokave. Že davno nazaj sem jo predelala, a sem jo imela oblečeno le enkrat ali dvakrat. Prejšnji teden sem ob pospravljanju omare ugotovila, kako je dejansko kul 😀 Fotka je ponovno narejena s samosprožilcem (: Aja, posodobila sem mojo trgovinico z nekaj modnimi dodatki. Sicer sem jo že mislila odstranit z interneta, a sem se odločila, da bom še poskušala, morda pa kdo kaj kupi. * * * I got blouse you can see on the pic from my mother. It had long sleeves, but I DIYed it long time ago. I wore it only once or twice, but last week while I was cleaning my closet, I figured out how cool actually is (: Picture is taken with self-timer. Oh, yeah, I updated my lttle shop with few accessories. I almost deleted it, but I decided to still give it a try and maybe somebody will buy something. DIY blouse(DIY bluza; vintage krilo; H&M čevlji in torbica) (DIY blouse; vintage skirt; H&M shoes and bag)





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